The Estie Bestie Cryo Glam Globe
Estie Bestie , The, Cryo Glam Globe
The Estie Bestie Cryo Glam Globe
Estie Bestie , The, Cryo Glam Globe

Galaxy Globes Cryo Glam Globe™

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Cryo Glam Globe™ are super special because they're made with by professionals with the clients' needs in mind.  What do you notice about these Cryo Glam Globes? These are the ONLY Galaxy Globes on the market and the FIRST of their kind. WE have carefully designed these to take you OUT of this world with your Cryo Glam Globe Facial! What more could you want? These are perfect for spa's, individual use at home, or gifts for friends and family. 

What are Cryo Glam Globes?

Cryo Glam Globes are cooling tools used in facials to soothe redness, decrease inflammation, and minimize the appearance of large pores using a non-invasive tool method.  We love how they stimulate and exercise the curved and hard to reach facial nerves and muscles. Allowing for your Cryo Glam Globe™ to tighten your skin and aid in the elimination of fine lines. This form of cryotherapy is awesome and perfect for post-acne treatment to calm the skin and inflammation.

Why Cryo Glam Globe™?

Eliminates redness and calms after waxing, extractions, and electrolysis. Stimulates blood circulation and oxygenates skin, excellent after various peel and microdermabrasion. Helps setting makeup. Excellent treatment for sinus, puffy eyes, headaches and migraines. Stimulates the nerves and exercises facial muscles. Helps to reduce large pores. Tightens skin and eliminates fine lines. Soothes skin after acne treatment. Provides a cool finishing touch at the end of each facial.

What you will receive:

One Set (2 Cryo Glam Globe's) 
Official Patented Design (View Here)
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