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  The Estie Bestie ® is an inclusive platform for Estheticians and Skincare lovers. We hope to welcome anyone new to the industry, veteran of the industry, beauty entrepreneur, and everyone who falls in between. Pfew! That was a LOT. In all fairness, The Estie Bestie ® was created out of the need for change and love for creating.  

The connection and love for small business owners and entrepreneurs within the beauty industry runs deep. This platform was created with the intent to provide tips and tricks to starting your own business, simple marketing techniques that are easy to follow, along with providing cute apparel and designs that we have created ourselves. Our focus is on bringing Estheticians and students positive vibes and empowerment through subtle (and not so subtle) expression and Estiecessaries™ (YES!). 

After spending over 10 Years in hospitality as a General Manager our creator decided to follow her passion. Going on to become trained in Permanent Make-Up for Eyebrows and Areola reconstruction lit a fire in our minds. After a while it was clear that the lack of regulation for training in Cosmetic Tattooing, and knowledge of the skin, was very apparent. We wanted more. Not only did we want more education and information about the skin, we began designing things we wished we had. Thus, Cryo Glam Globe™ was created and The Estie Bestie ® followed a few months later. After completing Medical Aesthetician training, the education didn't stop. Add Microneedling. Add Dermaplaning. Add Google Ads. The list goes ON! Education is very important and we learn new things every day. Throughout this journey of product creation, branding, and creating this platform we've learned so much and we WANT TO SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE! 

Here we are today with hopes of spreading knowledge, sharing ideas, educating on customer service, new business, and running our E-commerce business for all Aestheticians and Estheticians to collaborate, enjoy, and hopefully benefit. 


The Estie Bestie ® is operated in Saint Petersburg, FL. It is a space to create fun products, supplies, and Aesthetician/Esthetician Apparel that are functional for everyday business AND provide valuble Skincare treatments at our downtown location! Come see us!  Subscribe to our email and follow us to stay up to date. Our schedule is listed below for you to follow along with us on this journey.


Our Mission: Educate. Empower. Create.


Did you know that Retail sales are over 20% of an Esthetician's income and SALES are a necessity to keep our clients on track with their routines when they're not with us? Stick around and subscribe to our blog to stay on top of monthly tips to grow and manage your income as an Esthetician in the beauty industry. 


How many times have you felt like you need a little bit of moral support and just haven't had access to it when you need it? Social Media groups too "catty" or "drama" for you? Don't worry! You won't find that here. Everyone has something that they can learn and that they can do better than someone else. It's those that encourage others to succeed, help them achieve their goals, and empower other to do better for themselves that are truly successful in finding their tribe. The Estie Bestie™ is a safe place for advice, encouragement, and empowerment on all social media platforms. Trust us, we've had our fair share of DRAMA and we have found that having an amazing support system and The Estie Bestie's of our lives, has been a lifesaver! If you have a question or need advice, we ARE HERE FOR IT! Don't be afraid to mail us, send a comment in one of our blogs, or just reach out on social media. 


Ever notice how you cannot, for the life of you, find what you're looking for online, and then end up purchasing a whole bunch of stuff to fill the void? UGH! We hate that too! So, let's get creative! Want to brand your own SPF? Let's do it. Want to create a cute T-shirt? WHY NOT?! The Estie Bestie ® can help you find a supplier, products, and get you set up with a PLAN to achieve your creative goals. Seriously, one on one consultations are available and all you have to do is email us at info@theestiebestie.com with the subject line "Consultation request". We will also be sharing FREE business tips and tricks within our bi-weekly blog. 

Thank you for stopping by to learn a little bit more about The Estie Bestie ® and we hope you stick around! Don't forget to subscribe to our site for bi-weekly blog posts, updates on sales, discounts, and new items. We promise not to bombard you with Spammy Emails. We update our inventory and site constantly to stay on top of trends and new items are listed monthly. If you own a brand and are looking to work together, please reach out to us via email. 

Much Love! 

The Estie Bestie ®


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