Mystery Estie Bestie ®  Box- MEDIUM

Mystery Estie Bestie ® Box- MEDIUM

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MEDIUM boxes include a MINIMUM of: 

5 estie towels

2 or 3 Bestie Jellies

1 Zodiac Gua Sha (Real Bian Stone)

1 Set of our (Now patented) Cryo glam Globes (Eva foam box, no box lable, engraved with "Cryo glam globe" on the handles of each globe). 

POSSIBLE INCLUSIONS (NOT GUARANTEED)... An EXTRA  ZODIAC GUA SHA, lip and eye masks, lash and brow serum, T-SHIRT, Hair Scrunchies, Lip and Eye mask pouch, Crystal facial grid, extra Globes.. ALL A MYSTERY!


There will be additional goodies in each box.. but it's a surprise! 

* We cannot guarantee anything specific due to being pre- packaged and ready to ship ASAP!* All orders shipping 12/17- 12/19