Business Set up

Business Set up

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Whether you're a seasoned estie bestie or a newbie bestie- having a PRO WITH  you for support , set up, and analysis with the proper plan for business set up is essential. 

The estie bestie ® Business set up  is customized to YOU. Scheduled in one hour meetings live via zoom you will be provided professional support to help you get your business back on track. 

You will meet with The estie bestie ® 2x in 1 - 1.5 hour sessions. Each appointment is scheduled between 4-10 days apart for a total of 2 hours of direct guidence, and around 2 weeks of Communication during the set up process. With endless continued support of course!  

You will be given homework customized to your business set up and it is expected to be completed before each new meeting so that we can move to the next step. 

The estie bestie®  business set up course is limited to 10 students per month- so sign up ASAP to secure your spot.