What's in your Skincare?

How To Verify Skincare Ingredients

If there is one we should be aware of, it is that it is crucial to know the ingredients of the products you apply to your skin. How to check ingredients and how much of it is in each product is probably one of the questions estheticians receive the most. 

It's important for you understand the ingredients of skin care products that could benefit your skin, but also harm you skin if used too much or in combination with other ingredients. If you want to know how to check ingredients in beauty products, you must first find the ingredient label. How do you know what each ingredient actually is? We recommend the Milady Skincare Dictionary (here). It's affordable and should be a part of estheticians supplies list. 

First, you need to decipher the label of the product and skin care regime and know what ingredients you need to look for. The body of the product that remains on the skin is the cleanest component containing the least amount of harmful substances (e.g. glycolic acid, glycerol, etc.). 

Many make-up and skin care products contain irritants such as essential oils and fragrances, so stay sharp if you're looking for them. Remember to pay attention to hormonal disruptors, pollution, carcinogens, etc. If you're out on the move and need a quick "look up" there is a great App called "Think Dirty- Shop Clean" by Apple. The Link for the App is (here) listed for you here. 

Watch Out for Irritants 

If you have ever reacted to certain ingredients in the past, check the label for allergic substances. If you're not sure what a certain ingredient is- Look it up. when in doubt look it up. The last thing we want to do as professionals is give incorrect information about a product to a client. The second thing we need to avoid is purchasing products that we have not researched the ingredients on. There are so many products and ingredients on the market that its overwhelming for estheticians. There are medical grade products, organic, clinical strength, natural.. etc. The list goes on an on.

Just know that the FDA requires manufacturers to list all ingredients on the packaging, but refrains from testing certain ingredients of cosmetic products. This is important to know when researching your ingredients too.  

Either way, checking the ingredients list of your products can help you buy a skincare product that actually helps your skin and protects it from allergic reactions. Having a better understanding of ingredients and the basic properties list will make you a better skincare provider and buyer. You will be able to sort out what you see with misleading brand names, alternate technical names or AKA's,  and feel more confident that you are weeding out the bad ingredients and keeping the safety of your products under control. 

Never assume that you can tell how well a product works just by looking at the ingredients list. Find out about the ingredients of your products and the safety of each ingredient on the product itself.

Before you start exploring cosmetic ingredients, you need to feel, smell and see the ingredients yourself to get to know them properly. Checking for ingredients in cosmetics helps you to see if your skin reacts negatively to certain chemical substances in cosmetics. Ingredients checked on websites label potentially harmful ingredients to highlight the risks they may pose to the skin health and safety of the product. 


Remember your resources 

1. Milady Dictionary - Link above

2. Think Dirty- Shop Clean (app for on the go) - Link Above

3. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review (for at home deeper research on how products have performed) 


Happy hunting for the best product for you and your clients. 

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