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It's no secret that there are 1000 million+ skincare products out there. It's also no secret that Estheticians and Cosmetologists have exclusive access to some of the best products. Rightfully so! As social media platforms like Ticktok and Youtubers are looked at as "influential" they are doing a number on helping to confuse us on what we should be doing with our skin. Now, we're not saying that ALL of the social media influencers are in it for the "affiliation" but it's safe to say that we would recommend talking to a local Esthetician that can give you a proper analysis face to face and help YOU with YOUR skincare routine. 

Let's backtrack a little bit. Estheticians and Cosmetologists have exclusive access to products. Let that sink in as to "WHY"? They have this access because 1. They went to school to study, practice, understand, and analyze the skin and each individual's needs. No two persons are alike when it comes to skincare. We have seen individuals do TOO much to their face and incorporate products that they don't need. This can cause irritation, inflammation, strip the acid mantle, and create sensitivities, and over-activate oil production. A lot of these mistakes can be avoided with a simple skincare routine. 2. They have a license to JUDGE your skin... we mean to analyze. Just like a college degree cost money, so does obtaining a license, continuing education, practicing and liability insurance.. we could go on and on. As you can tell we're a little bias on whom we would choose to recommend skincare to us. You should be too! Finally, 3. Licensed Estheticians and Cosmetologist who practice professionally, can GET YOU THE GOOD STUFF. The GOOD STUFF. Remember that. The quality, professional line, active ingredients that you MIGHT (not always, but sometimes) need. ASK THEM. Anyway, as tempting as it is, do not be afraid to ask your local or favorite Estie Bestie for advice on what to use that is specific to your own needs. They will be happy to help. 

Now listen, we have come across a LOT and we mean A LOT of clientele that has overdone their skincare routine under the influence and misconception that they need 20+ products for their morning and nighttime routine. This is why we are providing a "When in Doubt, The Basic Facial prevails" routine that can be done professionally by an Esthetician or at home with the proper products and routine. If you can't remember... We've written it on a Mug and tote for you (here) in case you get the urge to deviate from the basics! It's all in good fun and we hope to encourage you to go back to the basics when you're in doubt. 

Remember we have seasons in most places in the world. Does your body tan in the summer, and become pale in the winter? Does your skin become dry in less humid areas and more oily after a day in the salty ocean? Okay, then why would your skincare routine change, other than with the seasons? Think about it. 

The only time you should change your skincare routine is when the seasons change and you need to assist in adaptation or you have some sort of reaction. The more we change our products, the more our skin is in shock. Now, sometimes there are other things such as hormonal imbalances, stress factors, or just being lazy without a routine that can affect our skin situation. However, going back to the basics when these infrequencies occur is the basis for having a solid routine and understanding your skin. 

When in doubt, The Basic Facial. 

1. Double Cleanse

Find a cleanser that works for you. That means, find something that does not strip your acid mantle (we'll talk about that another day) and leaves your skin confused and lacking the natural oils you need to protect your skin from free radicals. 

As a general rule of thumb, we like to have a PH balanced cleanser (estrogen hormones are the pits sometimes) and one Gel cleanser. We alternate with the seasons. In the Summer, we use the Gel cleanser as it does not strip our oils that we need to protect from the UVA and UVB rays, as well as the dehydrating properties we are exposed to on the daily (We're in Florida, for reference). 

The first thing you want to do is DOUBLE CLEANSE. We mean it. It will change your LIFE. Cleanse normally and dry your face. 1-2 minutes. Then, pretend like you haven't and DO IT AGAIN. The same way. You will not only clear the dirt, excess oils, and sebum from your skin, but you will be able to allow the next step and products to penetrate the middle layers of the epidermis. This allows for a cleaner surface and the ability to maximize the functionality of your next step. 

2. Exfoliate


Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. What are the types of exfoliation available? 

1. Microdermation

2. Dermaplaing

3. Enzyme treatment's

4. Waxing

5. Chemical Exfoliation

6. Abrasive micro-exfoliating scrubs

There are so many forms of exfoliation we wanted to make sure you understand this step in its entirety. Exfoliation by micro-scrubs or abrasive cleansers (NOT THE DEATH SCRUB WE KNOW AS ... well we can't say it because we don't want to slander anyone..) is safe to do ONCE a week. Chemical exfoliations are recommended and we have seen to be done, under supervision or by a professional, every 2 weeks. A good rule of thumb is that you should never double exfoliate because it can irritate the skin. Remember- Protect your acid mantel at all costs. It is the barrier to our skin that regulates and controls the oil production that we need to keep our skin safe and healthy. Waxing is also an exfoliant. Though it is isolated to the area where being performed, it's good to know that a layer of skin is removed with each wax. Derma planing is an exfoliation and removes the top layer along with vellus hairs. Microdermabrasion is normally used as a prep in Esthetics services. This is a rough tip with a suction that creates blood flow and removed the uppermost layer of desquamating cells in the epidermis. 

Needless to say, we recommend getting one facial a month that includes a professional exfoliation. If you perform your skincare at home, adding this into your routine ONCE a week won't be too much. Then again.. you know your own skin best. 


If you haven't already, get yourself a Vitamin C serum. What can you mix Vitamin C with? A moisturizer or Hydrating Serum or oil that does not contain retinol, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, BHA's, or AHA's. It would be essentially useless and a waste. You want your skin to absorb the Vitamin C, so mix it in with a hydrating serum or Moisturizer to get the added benefits. 


Seriously... SPF. ERR damn day! This is what our thought process is on SPF. Going to pick up the kids- SPF. Going to drive to work and be exposed to the UVA and UVB rays of the sun- SPF. Didn't remember to do any facial care today? That's okay, SPF!... 

Get the point?!


We hope this helped. When in doubt, when in skin turmoil- The Basic facial for the win. Then... Go see your Esthetician, not your favorite Youtuber/Ticktocker who is steering you down the skincare rabbit hole. 

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