What is your Starsign?

Zodiac Sign and Skincare , Skincare for my zodiac, The Estie Bestie

Zodiac Signs and Skincare?

          Here's my thoughts after being completely obsessed with reading my own horoscope for the past 15 years... so don't "Come for me". Unless- it's to giggle and talk #skincare of course... but this is what we're thinking. There are universal ways to connect with your own energies and create your own Vibe .. right? So, why not do the same and listen to the universe when it comes to your skincare routine? We're seeing a lot of acceptance and overall interest in connecting our higher vibrations and higher self with the help of Crystals and meditation- Why not dig deeper into our Zodiac?

I think it would be safe to say that at least 90% of the internet-savvy world is familiar with their Zodiac Sign. What the heck does that have to do with our skincare routine or individual needs... right? Setting your intention in the treatment room- or at home and connecting with your own self-awareness is important to grow as a professional and an individual.

The Meaning Behind Your Zodiac Matters

When there is "purpose" behind every movement or decision- intention to connect- your vibrations and energy are noticeably more radiant in positivity. Whether it be connecting to your zodiac horoscope every day, your favorite scent (scent IS the greatest sense tied to memory), or a routine facial massage or cleanse you perform at home or with a client. Intention and connection are key and our Zodiac signs and meanings give us a way to better connect with our true self. Haven't you ever felt a realization of clarity after reading your daily horoscope? Have you ever had an interaction with some one else and then found out there zodiac sign and said to yourself "well that makes sense". Yea- We have. That's for sure!


 So, let's have some fun with our Zodiacs and our little spin on the connection with 2021 Skincare. Why not? You might laugh, you might hate it- I know you'll love our designs commissioned by @goodsbyclaire, but at the end of the day- you'll be thinking about connecting and enhancing your individual vibrations just as much as we are. So what's your Starsign? My Star Sign is Skincare....

Skincare for your Zodiac Sign

Gemini and Skincare , The Estie Bestie, Saint Pete Florida, Hydrafacial St. Pete

Gemini falls under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this sign between May 21 to June 21. Gemini women don’t need to do much when it comes to skincare to make any drastic improvements- Lucky B****es! Double cleanse, focus on that Dewey glow. Tip: Dewy Rose Hydrogel mask  by @theestiebestie is perfect for that summer hydration don't forget that SPF ever because you're a summer babe!
Cancer Zodiac Sign and Skincare , Skincare and Zodiac, The Estie Bestie
Cancer is a cardinal water sign born between June 21st and July 22nd, beauty-obsessed, and can pick up energies in a room like a magnet! Think protection and relaxation when it comes to skincare! Antioxidants, protect yourself from those free radicals of the world energies and all! Tip: Antioxidant Hydrojellie, Pomegranate, and Vitamin C serums are for you!
Leo Zodiac and Skincare, Skincare for Leos, The Estie Bestie, Saint pete Florida
Leo's are born between July 23- August 22. Leo’s are prone to having dry to very dry skin due to the fact that they are a fire sign. Their bodies are notoriously known for running a bit hotter (yeah Babe- own that S**T!). To keep MOIST.. yeah we said it, The Estie Bestie ® recommends our own CBD Moisturizer. Apply it daily and let CBD balance and absorb, leaving your skin moisturized and supple.
Virgo and Skincare , Zodiac Skincare, The Estie Bestie, Saint Pete Florida
Virgo August 23- Sept 22nd. Your meticulous and perfectionist traits demand an absolute planned-out and daily skincare regimen. Just like one of our favorite esties @thedallasesthetician, Savanah Boda - beta gel is her number 1 go-to. We’re not surprised! This Zodiac sign goes hand-in-hand with retinol and glycolic pads- reliable personality—reliable skincare. Give your skin the attention it deserves with a seamless product.
Libra and Skincare, Zodiac signs and Skincare, The Estie Bestie, Saint pete Florida
Libra- Sept 23rd-Oct 22. You're all about harmony and balance. Focus on your barrier with natural, vegan, products. You'd probably enjoy a reiki facial session with customized crystals and all-natural oils or a nightly Gua Sha massage with your favorite Zodiac Engraved Gua Sha tool Releasing with My Star Sign is Skincare June 2021! Seek out a Prickly pear seed oil, organic cold-pressed, or a vegan line such as Youth to the people or Osea Malibu.
Scorpio and Skincare, Zodiac Skincare, The Estie Bestie , Saint Pete Florida
Scorpio- Oct 23rd-November 22nd. Your obsessive nature ain't a bad thing in the skincare world honey!! You never miss a double cleanse and are on TOP of your active ingredients. Try switching up your double cleanse by starting with a base cleanser and then a secondary cleanser when the seasons change. We recommend a good vitamin C cleanser- Glymed™ is a great brand to check out.
Sagittarius and Skincare, Zodiac Skincare, The Estie Bestie, Saint Pete Florida

Sagittarius Nov. 22- Dec 21. Babe.. you should probably keep it consistent when it comes to skin. Using an exfoliating cleanser regularly can be a good idea and opting for skin products that contain vitamin C like Skinscript® offers, and vitamin E will ensure smooth and healthy skin.

Hemp seed oil is also a great way to treat acne thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Capricorn and Skincare, Zodiac signs and skincare, The estie bestie, St. Pete Florida

Capricorn Dec 22.-Jan 19th. Capricorns tend to have dry skin. You're the last earth sign babes! Maintaining a good level of moisture is essential. It’s best to stay away from any abrasive exfoliating scrubs or brushes. Opt for a monthly Hydrgoglo facial- gentle exfoliation and extreme hydration. Focus on deeply moisturizing and hydrating Capricorn’s sensitive and dry skin. Check out our CBD Daily Moisturizer for at-home use.

Aquarius and Skincare, Zodiac Skincare, The Estie Bestie, Saint Pete Forida

Aquarius Jan 19th-Feb 18th. To get an Aquarius’s blood flowing to the face, the best way is to use a Gua Sha stone or Cryo Glam Globe. Safe, physical stimulation with a professional facial tool- the way to go for your zodiac and vibe! For specialty treatments- try doing enzyme exfoliating treatments, or even micro-needling to help keep the skin brighter and more even.

Pisces and Skincare, Zodiac Skincare, The Estie Bestie, Saint pete Florida

Pisces Feb 19th-March 20th. Pisces, honey, Your skin’s circadian rhythm (internal body clock) is stimulated most in the morning and at night. It starts to wind down for the night which is why a nightly routine is perfect for you. Wind down with a lymphatic facial massage with our Zodiac Engraved Gua Sha. As we sleep the body enters a state of repair, so a good Gua Sha massage is the perfect time to work out the facial muscles.

Aries and Skincare , The Estie Bestie, Saint Pete Florida, Zodiacs and skincare

Aries -March 20- April 19. Aries, you can be super impatient, but that's okay! We still love you! When it comes to finding the perfect skincare routine, it’s important to choose one that’s quick and efficient. The Basic Facial- is perfect for you. Double Cleanse, Serum, Spf. You can find a basic routine here and we recommend  Zincitover ™ Spf available to purchase now.

Taurus and Skincare , Zodiac Sign and Skincare, The Estie Bestie, Saint Petersburg, FL

Taurus April 19- May 20. You’re persistent and absolutely determined, Taurus, which means you’ll do what you need to do to get a proper skin care regimen in each day— A skincare kit with simple steps is the perfect combo for you. No thinking. Just doing. We recommend the Skinscript Mild Acne kit. It’s important to have a timely routine in your arsenal and this is perfect.

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