My Skin Buddy ™ and The Estie Bestie ®

My Skin Buddy Love Story


How I use MSB™ at home and in the treatment room and at home

Hi There! I'm Athena- AKA The Estie Bestie ® and I LOVE MY SKIN BUDDY! As a Woman, Medical Esthetician, and overall Florida sun lover... I've learned a LOT about my own skin throughout the years. Having my own battles with Hyper-pigmentation, Melasma, and the inevitable hormonal changes throughout the years has allowed me to gain the experience necessary to help myself and others. This is why My Skin Buddy is what I use in my daily routine- even throughout my second pregnancy. In the morning, I use the Ultrasonic (Setting 1) to deep cleanse my skin and break up dead skin cells. In the Evening, I combine Setting 1 and Setting 5 (Multi-benefit mode) to get to the root of my hyper-pigmentation and Melasma by utilizing the LED Therapy to brighten, tighten, and calm my skin. In the treatment room- I go for the Triple Whammy of Anti-aging. During my most booked service- Microneedling. I utilize LED. and Ion +/- Care to boost the healing process, stimulate cell turnover, and increase results. This combination is the ultimate anti-aging trifecta and My Skin Buddy ™ is the Perfect Device for any Esthetician and skincare lover.
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