How to Hydrojellie

Hydro-jellie Mask

Hydrogel, hydrojellie, Hydro-Jellie, jelly mask... OMG THE AMOUNT OF CONFUSION...  What are Hydrojellie masks? The Estie Bestie ® masks are filled with great ingredients and are perfect for deep hydration. The main ingredient is an electrolyte of algae that benefits the skin by helping to maintain a natural moisture balance- resulting in healthy, hydrated, and supple-looking skin.

Hydro-jellie solidifies on top of the skin and creates a vacuum seal that pushes useful ingredients into the pores of your skin. We recommend applying your hydrogel AFTER you apply your serum during a treatment to really lock in the serum and its ingredients. 

A Hydro-jellie mask is also perfect for after wax and care treatments and can be added to the ever-growing trend of Vajacials. Our hydro-jellie mask have a soothing effect on the skin and is (in our opinion) the perfect way to add the finishing touch to a waxed treatment. You can also send your client home with an at-home treatment if they are extra sensitive. Just be sure to pre-measure out a single usage for them so they don't get confused. 

Do you have a client that is prone to redness? Psoriasis, eczema, or acne? Hydro-jellies can help with the calming and soothing of these types of diseases and disorders and conditions after treatment. They're perfect for at-home treatments too. 

When the hydro-jellie mask begins to thicken and set up you can offer many unique service upgrades. We prefer to use our Cryo Glam Globes as a cooling facial massage after the mask is fully set. It creates an AMAZING feeling and is the perfect duo for after micro-needling or a chemical peel. The Cryo Glam Globe will glide across the mask and help to reduce redness, swelling, or discomfort after a chemical peel. You can order your own set of Cryo Glam Globes Here.  

How to use Hydrojellie

Needless to say, a hydro-jellie mask can be used in so many different treatments and are extremely versatile. We offer a few different types of our own and will continue to create more as we grow. The masks provide superior moisture, aids the skin in healing and redness reduction and provides a noticeably plumping and firming effect through the Hyaluronic acid that is added to the ingredients.  Some of the masks are designed to brighten (Antioxidant Floral ), hydrate and moisturize (Hyaluronic Acid) and help with firmness and elasticity (Golden Glow) .

Are Hydrojel Masks effective? 

We believe that the reason why hydro-jellie masks are so effective is the ingredients and the application process. Each ingredient plays its own important role which is why we have labeled our masks to help you decide the best treatment option for you. The mask is formulated with special ingredients according to the desired benefit. The powder, when mixed with water, forms a jelly-like substance, and the texture the mask, as it sets, is similar to that of a silicone mask. 

You can leave the mask on for 20-25 minutes in treatment and remove easily with one slow lift. Watching the lift is almost our favorite part. If you have any little thin areas left behind, just lightly remove with a lukewarm towel and you'll be all set to proceed to your next step, whatever that may be. 


Much love- 

The Estie Bestie®

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