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The Estie Bestie HydroJellie Gift Box of 3

The Estie Bestie HydroJellie Gift Box of 3


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What will you receive?

3 Different Single Use Hydrojel Mask powder, pre-measured for you from The Estie Bestie® Shop.

How to use it?

What's in your Gift Box? One of each single-use packets including Antioxidant Floral, Golden Glow and Brightening Mask.

Antioxidant Floral -FOR Dullness, Brightening, and Cell Turn Over (Vitamin Al) ALL Skin Types
Golden Glow- FOR Elasticity
Brightening- FOR Moisture infusion and Fine lines/Wrinkles.

Mix the single use package with 50 cc of water in a mixing bowl. After cleansing the skin, add your serum then apply the mask for 20-25 minutes. This is will help to infuse the products into your skin. After 20-25 minutes and the mask has solidified, remove.

You can use these masks for the following:

Vajacial (we recommend missing half of the single-use packet for each vajacial)
Face Mask
Neck and Declotte Mask
Individual lip treatments (we recommending using 1/4 of the single-use packet for a lip treatment)


The Estie Bestie® will not be responsible for misusage or reactions to this product usage. Please take a look at the ingredients listed on the products. If you have any questions, please message us for clarification.

If you have any questions, you can follow my IG @theestiebestie or FB @theestiebestie. I routinely post videos and information on how I choose to use these products and any others listed in our shop.

These are limited gift boxes for the 2020 season.