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Golden Glow Hydro-Jellie Mask (15 masks)1.1lb

Golden Glow Hydro-Jellie Mask (15 masks)1.1lb


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We don't think you're ready for this Hydro-jellie!

We have three of the best selling Hydro-Jellie Masks on the market available to you at a reasonable price. No license required as they are professional, but for at home use too! 

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Golden Glow

We saved the best for last!

Gold is abundant with antioxidants and also supports your skin's natural cell renewal process. Antioxidants are known to work together to protect your skin against free radicals which lead to wrinkles and sun damage. Golden Glow Hydro-jellie Mask is also known to contain potent anti-inflammatory properties, to calm acne inflammation, reduce skin redness, oil, and irritation.

Recommended for aging skin to reduce premature aging, large pores, sun damage, and a dull complexion.