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Face Reality Acne Bootcamp

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Lets start your Face Reality Acne bootcamp today! Don’t wait to start healing and clearing your acne with The Estie Bestie- a certified Acne expert with Face Reality! 

By purchasing this program, you are going to start your acne journey with a complete consultation and treatment plan that includes for first 8 weeks of products (8 full size, face reality products that are curated towards YOU and your skin conditions) that are going to help nourish and heal your skin through your acne journey. 

After purchasing this program- The Estie Bestie will reach out to you- if you haven’t already had a consultation and perform either and in person consultation ( Must be performed at The Estie Bestie ® Studio in saint pete Florida- OR via zoom for all virtual clients. 

Then- after your consultation your routine will be selected by our licensed medical esthetician and mailed directly to you. 

Once you reserve your products you will then book your 2 week check in. 

This bundle includes : 8 Full size Face Reality products.

Virtual: 1. Virtual consultation, 2 week virtual check in, 4 week Virtual check in , 6 week Virtual check in and 8 week virtual check in. 

In person: 1 Consultation, 2 week check in, 4 week first service appointment, 6 week second service appointment and 8 week check in. 

Let’s start your journey today! Don’t wait- Shop Pay is available at check out for you to make payments in 4 or more! And YES! That includes your treatments and check ins for the first 8 weeks as outlined above.